Technology and tradition

At the end of 1959 five of the best artisans/craftsmen in Eibar got together to found their own factory for the production of shotguns. ‘GARBI’ means ‘clean’ in the Basque language. But our name also represents the surnames of the founders of our company.



What does it feel like to have a new GARBI shotgun? When you hold it for the first time, you appreciate that special feel and that unmistakeable smell for which we are well-known; that is to say, you are conscious of the hundreds of hours dedicated exclusively to producing this gun (for you).

Each gun is unique

The initial process is to understand what each customer wants so this information can be transferred to each shotgun. Each shotgun is unique, made to order. Taking the customer’s measurements is a fundamental part of making a shotgun which is an extension of the shooter’s/hunter’s body: the gun must fit like a glove.

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A new way forwards

Dedication, perseverance, pride and painstaking care are the starting points for the manufacture of a shotgun which lives up to our reputation. The integrity of our craftsmen can be appreciated in the shotgun which we make. For these reasons, the reliability of the mechanical workmanship and the attention to aesthetic detail are beyond question.

A prueba de acero

The metal

Once the characteristics of the order are known, the first step is (el basculado? The fitting of the barrels to the action, with the addition of the forend and side plates or battery.

Bajo retroceso

The wood

We always start with a piece of well-figured walnut. The wood must be sound, with just the right level of humidity.

Acción de bajo perfil

The engraving

In aesthetic terms, this is the most impressive part of the process. Here the craftsman/engraver can give full rein to his imagination and use his experience. A pure form of Art, realised with the help of a burin.

The finish

The work of the master artisan is to bring together all the pieces of the shotgun in a perfect balance. His aim is to achieve impeccable mechanical precision.