A little history

Here in Eibar, the gun-making tradition has a long history, its origins in ironworking in the first workshops in the fourteenth century. This was to lead to joining the royal armoury and exporting its products to America and the Philippines.


At the end of 1959, five of the best craftsmen in Eibar got together to found their own shotgun factory. ‘Garbi’ means ‘ clean’ in the Basque language, but hidden in the word are the surnames of its founders.  


Knowledge and the search for perfection have always been what identifies Armas GARBI, the framework for our wonderful adventure.


Thanks to our long craft tradition, passed from generation to generation, the 1980s gave us the impetus to improve the quality of our guns to be able to compete with the mythical English makes.

Since that time, no two GARBI guns are the same. Each gun which leaves our hands is unique -a made-to-measure fit for each customer. Calling on our craftsmanship, our intention has always been to produce exclusive shotguns aiming for a fine balance between beauty, precision and mechanical perfection.


With our enterprising spirit and desire to meet the needs of our customers, we began, in 2012, to make the first over-and-under models.


After decades in which the GARBI name was synonymous with top-of-the-range side-by-side shotguns, we moved into the production of over-and-under models. It took many hours of apprenticeship to attain a product of superior quality.


And in 2021, our new over-and-under shotgun ARROW, in titanium, came into being. A combination of tradition and technology, it is, without doubt, the best shotgun we have ever made.

The GARBI ‘Arrow’ is a perfect combination of shooting efficiency with aesthetics: a new shotgun to meet the needs and satisfy the desires of shooters who are looking for something beyond a shotgun. This is a hunting gun of classic appearance, quality and elegance with all the benefits of twenty-first century technology.