Over and under: Arrow Titanium

We at Garbi have the pleasure of presenting what is probably our finest creation since 1959. Investing more than 4,500 hours in its development, we have made every effort to offer you a firearm designed to meet the needs and satisfy the desires of those trusting in the GARBI name. Each ‘Arrow’ boasts an attractive appearance and uses superior quality materials and finishes.

Without renouncing our craft tradition, the new ‘Arrow Titanium’ incorporates elements from the world of competition which guarantee best results when engaging in any form of shooting.

Why an “Arrow’?

Garbi Arrow Titanium

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Because you are aiming for the perfect shot

The barrels of the new ‘Arrow’ are made from highly resistant alloy steel 42CrMo4. For the first time we have used a monoblock system to suit the particular geometry of the barrel (with double cone chamber) which guarantees an excellent result with uniform shot dispersal and which offers at the same time increased penetration and a considerable reduction in the recoil.

Because you want it to be resistant

The action and the trigger mechanism, together with the forend, are made in titanium. Amongst the main advantages
of this material are its hardness, light weight and high mechanical resistance, even at high temperatures.

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Because you want it to be reliable

The trigger mechanism is independent of the rest of the system, affording better ventilation and the possibility of substitution in a matter of seconds if necessary.

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Because you value tradition

All our engraving is done by hand.

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Because aesthetics are important

Both the stock and the forend are made to measure using the best-figured Grade 4 walnut subjected to stringent tests for damp and density.

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You have the GARBI guarantee

5 years guarantee for the mechanical parts and 1 year guarantee for the wood.

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For the shooter to achieve máximum efficiency, it was decided to go for monoblock. The tubes/barrels are CrMo4-1.7220 ballistic quality highly-resistant steel, to avoid deformation and guarantee maximum concentric dispersal.
The barrels are subjected to the highest stress level (1.320 Bar), tested according to norm CIP (“Permanent International Commission for the Proof of Small Arms”). All GARBI ‘Arrow’ shotguns are able to shoot with steel shot.

Cañón Garbi Arrow Titanium
  • The cone of the chamber is 70 mm, which means better penetration, better dispersal of shot and a reduction in recoil.
  • Shooter/hunter will be able to choose length, caliber and choke (fixed or polychoke) appropriate for the purpose – clay pigeon or hunting.
  • Ejectors: the ‘Arrow’ has a new design with one longer blade to guarantee a better grip, which substantially improves the process of ejecting the cartridge from the chamber.
  • Top rib with choice of two different measurements 7 x 7 and 11 x 7, treated with an anti-reflective material.
  • We make sure that all our barrels are tested individually by our technicians, in order to guarantee their performance.


The purest craft traditions of hand-engraving by burin are combined with innovation to produce a perfect harmony. We offer 2 options for fine engravings, all the work of our master engravers (soon we will offer more engraving options):

  • Renaissance
  • Extra Luxe
  • Birds


All our stocks and forends are made from selected walnut and have to pass strict quality testing procedures. Both pieces have special chequering to assure a better grip.

Each stock blank chosen is tested for damp and density per cubic centimetre. The new forend has been designed to improve the swing, adapting perfectly to suit the individual style of each shooter/user.

Each customer can choose the kind of grip best suited to his shooting style.


At present the ‘Arrow’ is available in Cal. 12 and 20 and shortly, in Cal 28.

12 20


The action, forend and the removable trigger mechanism are all made from Grade 5 Titanium. It offers one of the best ratios mechanical resistance/weight to be found, along with a very high level of resistance to heat, which avoids deformation. Grade 5 titanium, of which these new models are made, can tolerate up to 889N/mm2.

One further advantage of titanium is its resistance to rust. Although it is difficult to work with this material, here at GARBI we have the technology necessary to produce it.


Our new ‘Arrow’ shotgun has an extractable trigger mechanism based on competition technology, subjected to a new anti-friction treatment to optimize the mechanical performance of its components. This mechanism is tested individually in each shotgun produced.

Double cone chamber
Automatic safety catch
Barrel length from 70 to 81 cm
Chamber: 70/76 cm
Non-selective trigger (soon a selective trigger will be available)
Stock: pistolet style, semi-pistolet/ English style
Stock:Walnut Grade 4 or higher
Chokes: polychoke or fixed
Forend: Round
Ventilated top rib
Solid central rib (soon: ventilated)
Recoil pad: Kick-eez
Leather gun case made to measure with protective slip cover and initials.
Gold/silver oval plate with initials